Participating in Ken Burns’ Documentary The War

Quentin & Jackie Aanenson & Ken Burns in Los Angeles in July 2007
Luverne, Minn. Ken Burns, Quent’s son-in-law Tom Pyers (editor of A Fighter Pilot’s Story), Quentin, & son Jerry Aanenson.
Ken Burns saluting Quentin Aanenson at Luverne event
Ken Burns, Quent’s daughter Debra Pyers, Quentin, Tom Pyers, Quent’s wife Jackie, Jerry Aanenson, & Quent’s daughter Vicki Murphy.
Premiere at Palace Theater, Luverne.
Palace Theater marquee
Ken Burns arrives at the Palace.
Jackie & Quentin Aanenson arrive at premiere
Jackie on the red carpet
Quentin Aanenson signing his poster at premiere
Ken Burns on red carpet
Quentin Aanenson walking red carpet with escort
Quentin & Jackie Aanenson onstage at premiere
Ken Burns onstage at premiere

Family at the premiere
Vicki & Lynn Novick at Lincoln Theater (Ken Burns in background)
Jackie & Lynn Novick (co-producer of The War) at Lincoln Theater screening
Webmaster Vicki & father Quentin Aanenson at Congressional Country Club
Quentin Aanenson’s letter. – Ken Burns: The War